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Inner Range Integrates Hanwha Wisenet Wave VMS Integration with Integriti

The latest Inner Range integration is with global giant Hanwha Techwin’s WiseNet WAVE Video Management System to their Integriti integrated access and security platform. 

Meeting both local and international demands, Inner Range continues to deliver high quality, deep integrations to some of the world’s biggest brands.  By achieving this integration with Hanwha WiseNet WAVE, Inner Range allows users to not only have the access control records from their Integriti platforms, but also enables them to draw relevant video from the surveillance system.  A user can easily visually verify an event, the entities involved, and then take the appropriate course of action. WiseNet WAVE is deeply integrated to Hanwha’s AI range of cameras which offer an outstanding suite of video analytics capable of triggering actions within Integriti.

These fantastic video surveillance features from Hanwha, combined with the superior performance of Integriti provide a seamless interface to an integrated video, access control and intrusion system. This complete workstation for security staff, operations, and facility management offers a seamless experience for users where video supports the verification of system alarms and access control events. 

This integrated platform provides extensive functionality and an improved user experience for the administrators of larger facilities who have onsite personnel constantly monitoring the buildings security.  End users can see relevant recorded or live images of events that occur within their monitored environment by integrating their Hanwha WiseNet Wave video surveillance system with Inner Range’s Integriti or Infiniti solutions.



Hanwha Techwin

Wisenet WAVE VMS

Stream Live Video

Stream Historical Video

Pop-Up Live Streaming Video from Alarm/User Events in Real-Time

Associate Cameras with Entities (Doors, Users etc.)

Access Recorded Video Information Based on Review Events

Retrieve Number of Connected Cameras

Retrieve Camera Names (Populate Configured Cameras)

Control Physical PTZ Cameras

Control PTZ Tours

Control Digital Software PTZ Cameras

Send PTZ Cameras to Pre-Set Positions

Drag and Drop Cameras onto Floor Plans

Send Alarms or Events to the CCTV System

Receive Alarms or Events from the CCTV System

Control Playback Speed / Direction

Display Historic Video According to Adjustable Pre-Event Timer

Display CCTV System and Device Status

Categorised Review Messages – Requires Integriti v18 or higher

64-bit Integration Server Support

Show Camera Status

Categorise New Records

Export CCTV Clips


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