Why Specify an Inner Range Solution

Proven Technology

50,000 Installations Globally

You will never be challenged about using unknown companies or technology. Inner Range products are widely used.

Case Studies

50,000 Installations Globally

Provable reference sites can help your clients be assured that Inner Range is suitable for their business.

Integration Capability

Off The Shelf and Custom Made

Inner Range products have numerous off the shelf integrations and if one does not exist a custom integration can be undertaken by Inner Range or your clients with the support of Inner Range.


By Inner Range R&D

In the event that your customers requirements change mid project and a new feature is required, Inner Range can undertake customisation for your specific needs.









What we offer

Consultant Resources

Inner Range prepares detailed system specifications to make it simple for you to write detailed documents for your customers. In addition to these documents we also have a dedicated Presales team who can advise you on how to overcome those non standard requirements from customers.

Enterprise Level Integrated Access and Intruder

Suitable for single sites up to large multinational applications requiring complex integrations

Mid Size Integrated Access and Intruder

Suitable for smaller smart building and home applications. Up to 512 Alarm Detection points and 128 Access Control Doors

Wireless Security Communications

Secure and redundant communications for Intruder Alarms and Access Control Systems. Setup dedicated 4G network to avoid complications with corporate network security policies

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Inner Range is a manufacturer of integrated electronic security software and systems. Australian based, world-leading.

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