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Inner Range chosen to secure prestigious Collins Arch precinct

Author: Damien/Friday, 19 June 2020/Categories: News, Product News

The Integriti platform by Inner Range has been chosen to secure the Collins Arch base build, along with many of the prestigious tenancies within this esteemed complex.

The first stage of the Collins Arch project includes integrations of the Milestone VMS platform, Kone Elevators and ANPR systems to the Integriti platform. The platform itself includes over 200 doors and numerous security detection points.

To deliver a system such as this, the developers of Collins Arch chose Expert Security who are Integriti specialists and have had a long history of success installing large scale systems.

Integriti not only has the ability to secure premises with its user-friendly integrated access control and intruder functions, but also through its industry leading suite of integrations and smart building functions.

At any one-time Collins Arch will house numerous high net-worth individuals in its multi-million dollar apartments, as well in the accompanying 5 Star hotel and luxury office space. This unique group of residents require systems that complement the luxury setting, while providing a level of protection that is only provided by the most sophisticated security equipment. This is why Integriti by Inner Range was the obvious choice.

The first level of security and convenience at Collins Arch is achieved through the Automatic Number Plate Recognition integration (ANPR). When a resident or other authorised user drives up to the parking entrance their number plate is read. The results are transmitted to Integriti through a high-level interface (HLI). After matching the vehicles number plate to a valid user, Integriti automatically opens the gate allowing the user direct access to the car park. Future upgrades would make it possible for Integriti to turn on the lights in the car park, activate a lighting scene in the resident’s apartment, and turn the cooling on.

In the event that a vehicle’s number plate has been blacklisted or is not recognised, Integriti can take actions such as activating a security camera, notifying on-site security, or playing an automated message over an integrated PA system to the driver. The number of actions available are virtually limitless due to the high number of 3rd party systems that are integrated to Integriti.

The integration between Milestone ACM and Integriti helps residents feel secure from the moment they enter the carpark. Milestone is an industry leading CCTV Video Management system which, when combined with Integriti, is capable of assisting security personal to protect high net-worth individuals as soon as the number plate on their vehicle is read. This can be achieved by Integriti triggering all cameras between the car park entry and the resident’s apartment to be automatically displayed on the video wall in the security office. An image of the individual who needs protection can also be displayed to assist security personal.

Once the resident arrives at the Kone elevator, which also has an HLI to Integriti, they swipe their card on the access control reader. Within a second Integriti checks which levels the user has access to and gives the resident the ability to select any of the approved levels by pressing the relevant button in the Kone lift. Once a button is pressed, Integriti will disable all other buttons and record which level the user has selected. Integriti can then trigger Milestone to display the elevator camera, as well as the cameras on the destination floor, on the video wall in the security room.

Finally, the resident enters their apartment with virtually no interaction with the high security systems keeping them safe. The next time they leave their apartment the entire process begins again with virtually no interruption to their daily life.

To cater for these types of systems Inner Range recently introduced the Enterprise Account Management team which you can read about here.

For any questions you can contact the Enterprise Account Management Team by calling
+61 3 9780 4300


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