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Selecting an Installer or System Integrator

Selecting the right Installer or System Integrator to specify, quote or maintain your Inner Range system is an important decision as the security of your facility or operation depends on it.

Inner Range recommends that a Security Installation or Integration professional who has completed our factory training program and holds an up to date certification for the products they are installing or maintaining is always selected.

In addition to this selecting an installation/integration company who is large enough, and experienced enough to service the needs of your facilities or business is an important part of the selection process, especially where integration with third party systems such as CCTV, Elevators and IT systems is a requirement.

Contact information for our installation/integration companies is provided inline with the Inner Range Privacy Policy

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Please Contact the Inner Range Major Projects Team....
Small Projects

Example projects that would usually be classed as Small Size:

  • - Residential Housing
  • - High Street Shops & Offices
  • - Supermarkets & Department Stores
  • - Typical suburban Warehouses or Workshops
  • - Small Schools or Kindergartens

Small projects usually consist of less than 16 access controlled doors and up to 100 intruder detection points. These sites may be commissioned with or without onsite management software and generally do not require integration to other systems.

Medium Projects

Example projects that would usually be classed as Medium Size:

  • - Residential Apartments (Up to 6 Floors)
  • - Multi Site / Multi Office
  • - Schools with multiple buildings
  • - Small Hospitals
  • - Multi Site - Fitness Centres
  • - Small Utilities sites
  • - Medium Industrial
  • - Logistics Warehouses
  • - Shopping Centres

Medium projects often consist of up to 100 access controlled doors and 1000's of intruder detection points, and may include systems that span across multiple floors, multiple buildings and multiple locations. These sites are usually commissioned with onsite management software and will generally include integration to other systems, such as CCTV, Lo-Rise Elevators, Intercoms and IT or Database systems. Projects such as this require an Integration/Installation service provider who has the capacity to offer a high level of competence in Security, IT/Networking and Database systems.

Large Projects

Example projects that would usually be classed as Large Size:

  • - Large Hi-Rise Multi-Tenanted mixed use buildings
  • - Local Government Facilities
  • - Large Hospitals
  • - Universities
  • - Large Commercial Buildings
  • - Critical Infrastructure: Utilities, Gas, Electricity, Water, Communications, Mining

Large projects often consist 100's of access controlled doors and possibly many 1000's of intruder detection and automation points, and almost certainly include systems that span across hi-rise buildings, multiple buildings and multiple locations. Projects such as this often require extensive use of integrated software solutions with on-site security management at multiple locations. They also generally include a high level of integration to others systems, such as CCTV, Hi-Rise Elevators, Intercoms, Perimeter Fencing and IT or Database systems. Projects such as this require a large team of Integration/Installation professionals who have the capacity to offer engineering level competence in System Design, Security, Access Control, IT/Networking and Database systems.

Major Projects

Example projects that would usually be classed as Major Projects:

  • - Nation Wide Commercial Enterprises
  • - Global - International Projects
  • - Custodial
  • - National Government
  • - Defence
  • - Aviation Major Airports
  • - Shipping Ports
  • - Major Hospitals

Major Projects are facilities or infrastructure where the security requirement is extremely large in size and/or carries a complexity or security risk that is of utmost importance. Projects such as this require security and integrated solutions of the highest order. System integrators offering services at this level are a highly specialised and are required to offer very high capacity and competence in terms of Project Management, Integration Engineering, System Design, Security, Access Control and advanced IT/Networking and Database systems.

Please Contact the Inner Range Integrated Technologies team to discuss your Major Project Requirements.