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Monday, 30 August 2021

Danny Mui joins Inner Range as the new Technical Services Manager.

Inner Range announces Danny Mui as the new Technical Services Manager

Inner Range is proud to announce Danny Mui as the new Technical Services Manager. He leads the global technical team from the Melbourne office.

Danny is a firm believer that support is one of the most essential functions in a technology company. He has been busy expanding the team to build a world-class support team at Inner Range.

Support is everything, there is no value in the product if there is no support. If you have great support, you add immense value to the product.

Danny Mui, Technical Services Manager

Danny brings with him a wealth of knowledge in access control as well as many years of international experience gained in the USA, mainland China, Hong Kong SAR, New Zealand and Australia.

Danny's thirst for knowledge is demonstrated by his commitment to education, and wide skillset. He completed his first-degree, Bachelor of Science in Management Information Systems at Utah State University (USA) in 2003, followed by a Bachelor of Science in Electronics which he completed in 2011 in Hong Kong. Not content with the knowledge provided by the two bachelor degrees, Danny undertook a Master of Science in Computer Science in New Zealand, which he completed in 2015.

With Danny’s considerable experience and education he was the ideal candidate to further strengthen the global support team at Inner Range.

Mark Cunnington, Senior Vice President of Security

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