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Perth, Australia


Situated on the fringe of Perth’s CBD, WorkZone is a new commercial premises designed as an innovative office campus. As one of the most energy efficient office buildings in Western Australia, WorkZone has been awarded a ‘5-Star Green-Star – Office Design V3’ rating. Sontec Integrated Systems were successful in their bid as security contractor for this project.


As a modern building using the latest technologies, the ‘Design and Construct’ security requirements were substantial. A single integrated Security Management System (SMS) needed to manage the Access Control, Intruder Detection, Staff Assist, Duress, CCTV and Paging alerts. Importantly, due to this highly competitive tender project, the prospective SMS needed to be very cost-effective. Sontec chose the ground-breaking Inner Range Integriti platform for its inherent capabilities and value for money.


Aiden Hollett, Project Manager from Sontec, stressed that it was imperative that the Security Management System was easy to use, powerful and flexible in accommodating the specific needs of the site. The Integriti platform was setup as the overarching Security Management System, with Integriti also providing Access Control to approximately 60 doors (including secure lift access and the lobby revolving door), Intruder Detection throughout the complex, Staff Assist and Duress in critical locations. In addition, emergency exit doors were monitored through Integriti and in the case of a fire alarm, Integriti will automatically unlock all doors on site. Airkey RF remote controls have been integrated into Integriti to provide access control for roller doors. At a wiring level, the Integriti hardware communications LAN has been setup in a ‘Ring’ mode. This provides exceptional redundancy and mitigates communication failure if a cable is cut or disconnected.

Integriti includes rich graphical maps and powerful alarm management functionality. Sontec set out to make full use of these capabilities and then further integrate the Geutebrück CCTV and Commtech Wireless Paging systems into Integriti. Sontec’s desire was to create a truly integrated platform with a single intuitive user interface for the Guards, Facility Mangers and tenancies to utilise.

The graphical maps in Integriti provide monitoring and control of the security sub-systems. Security points, such as Zone Inputs, Access Control Doors and CCTV camera locations are detailed on these maps. From here, live and historic CCTV images may be viewed, negating the need for the end-user to navigate away from Integriti and open the CCTV software. Furthermore, powerful automated alarm actions between Integriti and the CCTV system were setup to enhance security throughout the site. For example, if a duress alarm occurs, Integriti will automatically increase CCTV camera recording frame rates and display the camera closest to the duress location on the guard viewing monitor and a tenant’s workstation. When the duress condition has returned to normal, the process is automatically reversed. In addition, alarms from the CCTV system, such as ‘Camera Fail’ or ‘A/C Power Lost’, are sent from the CCTV system into Integriti and are then displayed within Integriti’s alarm management module. When any security alarms occur, including those from the CCTV system, Integriti automatically notifies staff and guards via email. The paging system has also been integrated into Integriti, allowing Integriti to send alarm notifications to pagers.

Whilst only using a single Integriti platform for the entire building, the system has been partitioned to accommodate multiple tenancies. In this way, tenancies can manage their own security ‘piece of the puzzle’ with no access to view information from other tenancies.


The Integriti platform has empowered the end-user with complete control of their entire security operation. Access Control, Intruder Detection, Duress, CCTV and Paging systems are all controlled and monitored from a single graphical interface. Security has been enhanced as a result of the powerful automation and communication between sub-systems. With a scalable, future proof and cost effective design, the Integriti platform has far exceeded expectations. The end-user reports they have used many Security Management Systems in the past, but none compare with Integriti.

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