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Smaralind Shopping Centre

Reykjavik, Iceland


Smaralind shopping centre is the largest shopping centre in Iceland at 63,000 m². The building accommodates over 70 shops and service companies. Vetrargardur (winter garden) is around 9,000 m² and has restaurants, cafés, a cinema and convention halls, in addition to a 1,750 m² multipurpose expo area. The mall is built on a 10.5 acre lot with around 3,000 parking spots. The duration of the construction works was around two years and was officially opened on October 10, 2001. The opening day attracted more than 45,000 people - a quarter of Reykjavik’s population.


The integrated security and access control system, an Inner Range Concept 4000, was installed by an Inner Range Accredited Dealer in Iceland, Oryggismidstod Islands. In addition to the 200 intruder motion sensors, the Concept system also provides plant and facility monitoring by detecting water levels and other analogue values. The Inner Range system provides access control for more than 70 doors and features CCTV integration for additional ease of use and security. The Concept system consists of a single Concept 4000 Control Module, 20 Intelligent 4 Door Controllers, 6 Universal Expanders, 70 Universal Elite LCD Keypads and 4 LAN Isolators.

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