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A UK property development company purchased a seven storey commercial building in Central London for redevelopment into luxury apartments. Targeting affluent buyers working in the financial district, the planning team was aware that the safety and security features of the building would be of high importance to their buyers, and if systems were not to a high standard it could affect sales or property prices.

In addition, there were a number of competitive development sites in the vicinity that would also be attractive to their clientele.  Therefore, the property developer was interested in offering innovative building management technology that would appeal to their clients’ lifestyles and give their apartments the buying-edge over the competition.


Integriti was identified as the ideal system to fulfil the property developer’s security and building management technology needs.    Alongside standard security systems capabilities such as smart card access control, panic button integration, intruder audit reporting and parking management, Integriti delivered unrivalled lift control functionality.   Lift control was programmed based on resident credentials.

For example, if a resident’s apartment was located on floor 6, the lift would only authorise access to the reception area and their designated floor.  When entering the building and walking towards the lift, their smart access card would automatically be detected by Integriti and the correct lift would open; no buttons would need to be pressed inside the lift because Integriti’s intelligent technology would be pre-programmed to know where to stop. For added security, control staff received automatic alerts regarding any potential security breaches and using CCTV and interactive building schematics they could analyse any disturbances and incidents without leaving the control suite.

Access cards were also utilised to deliver smart building management. When a resident entered the building, the lights, heating or air conditioning within their apartment could be programmed automatically turn on and set to preferred settings, depending on the time of day.  Other functionality that the property developer decided to install was output sensors to identify potential flooding issues such as overflowing baths that may cause damage to other apartments.


  • Integriti delivered innovative security and smart building management appealing to the needs of the luxury buyer market
  • Residents were assured security confidence and felt safe and secure within the building

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