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Pharmaceutical Company

United Kingdom


Due to the nature of their business, a UK pharmaceutical company were looking to improve the security of their buildings.

Requirements for a new security system included:

  • Biometric access control for entrance to high-security areas such as laboratories and testing facilities as well as additional CCTV cameras within these areas that had the ability to record high-resolution images in the event of a security breach
  • Advanced asset tracking capabilities with the capacity to track the movement of high-value assets around the site as well as send real-time alerts and trigger alarms if assets are removed from buildings without authorisation
  • Detect and audit attempts by staff or visitors to gain unauthorised access to specific areas while on-premise, monitor and report unusual movement patterns of staff and visitors
  • Tighten security at all building entrance points to ensure buildings, personnel and assets have sufficient protection in the event of activist activity or demonstrations
  • Centrally manage security and building management for all buildings and warehousing facilities across the UK.  Deliver scalability for future management of global offices.


Due to Inner Range’s proven abilities to deliver systems for other sectors that demand high security, the pharmaceutical approached Inner Range.  They were impressed by the functionality of the Integriti security systems, in particular, its ability to integrate with some the systems they already had in place such as CCTV. 


  • Through advanced reporting capabilities, the organisation could demonstrate to their stakeholders and customers their high levels of security and the procedures in place to protect people, buildings and assets in the event of a security breach
  • Asset tracking minimised unauthorised removal of high-value goods or product
  • All external access points were fortified, reducing the risk of activist or demonstrators being able to access the buildings
  • Scalability for central management of security and buildings management for international premises was achieved and likely to be rolled out with 24 months

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