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Newcastle-Under-Lyme College

United Kingdom


At the beginning of 2010, the iconic Newcastle-Under-Lyme College in the United Kingdom was unveiled. The bold and exciting campus, embodying both the dynamics of 21st century education and green ethics, is a stark contrast from the original 1960’s buildings which were no longer fit for purpose. During planning stages of the project, amongst the key objectives of the college were to provide an innovative, technology driven environment to enhance the learning experience of some 10,000 students, streamline campus management and promote sustainability through the use of environmentally friendly and energy saving construction materials and building automation systems.


JHS Integrated Systems (JHS), an Inner Range accredited dealer, was commissioned by services sub-contractor NG Bailey, through main project contractor BAM, to provide guidance, direction and subsequently engineering skills to install a state-of-the-art security system which would address the following priorities:
  • • Implement a high level security solution which would provide full integration with the chosen buildings and facilities management solutions as well as the student enrollment system.
  • • Deliver flexible access control to enable security and building automation to be managed in real-time, 24/7, from any location.
  • • Control the access rights of students in certain areas of the campus whilst granting easy access for staff.
  • • The solution should also accommodate the ability to instantly change protocol, for staff and students, when required.
  • • Provide an effective technological solution to management of the main staff car park.
  • • Provision a scalable security solution which could be developed as and when required.


The proposal put forward by JHS featured Inner Range technology because it met all of the security and integration requirements of the campus and allowed for future scalability and development. The Inner Range solution provided the college with an integrated access control and intruder alarm system with the ability to fully interface with all of the chosen security, building automation, facilities management solutions and student enrolment system. The college also deployed Inner Range’s ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) technology to automate access to the staff car park.


  • • Installation of a robust state-of-the-art security system which can manage the security of the entire campus from one central location as well as provide remote access to the system if a security breach occurs outside normal working hours.
  • • A security system that “talks” not only to other security technologies such as the college’s Panasonic CCTV system, but also other buildings and facilities management systems; streamlining the running of the college and improving efficiencies.
  • • Security incidents have been minimised by the ability to lock down areas of the college where expensive equipment or confidential information is located. If an incident does occur it can be fully investigated via the system and digital evidence provided for official purposes.
  • • Flexible access control has allowed the college to react to damage or abuse of the facilities. For example, student access to the lifts was revoked during normal college hours but is automatically allowed during the evening for mature evening students.
  • • Access cards have been used to simultaneously grant access to vending machines in meeting rooms so complimentary drinks can be provided, but not abused.
  • • ANPR technology has eliminated the need for staff parking to be monitored by security or car park attendants. The solution also enables quick access and exit of parking facilities for staff.
  • • An effective system for managing satellite photocopiers around the College has been provided through use of the Access Control technology.

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