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Auckland Museum

Auckland, New Zealand


Auckland Museum is regarded as one of the finest museums in the Southern Hemisphere and is renowned for its unique collection of Maori and Pacific treasures. It is also a war memorial for the Auckland province. Housed in one of the country’s finest heritage buildings, the Museum tells the story of New Zealand as a nation; from award-winning natural history exhibits to galleries which investigate New Zealand’s cultural origins


The security of the Auckland Museum is a serious matter. Not only does it house some of New Zealand’s finest exhibits, it also attracts over half a million local and international visitors per year. For a security solution to meet the demands of the museum’s environment it would need to deliver 24/7 reliability, flexible access control options, sophisticated CCTV integration and have the capacity to monitor thousands of zones across the entire complex, all from a single point of administration and monitoring.


The Inner Range Concept 4000 system and Insight software solution was selected for the task due to its proven flexibility, cost effectiveness and track record in securing infrastructure of this size and complexity. The Inner Range system stood out not only as the leading solution for the immediate security specification, but also to provide cost effective expansion options when considering the long term security requirements. The Concept system consists of multiple Control Modules, Universal Expanders, Intelligent 4 Door Controllers, 2 Door Controllers, Elite Terminals, Insight Software, Insight CCTV integration module and Insight Schematic Maps. In addition to this, a Dedicated Micros DVR/CCTV system has also been installed and provides high level CCTV integration directly into Insight’s Schematic graphical floor plans.


The Museum’s Concept system has now scaled to vast proportions. It provides 24/7 access control for over 200 doors and 9 lifts and also monitors more than 100 areas with 1800 detection zones for both intruder and asset protection. The Museum is also equipped with a sophisticated CCTV system from Dedicated Micros: over 230 cameras are integrated directly into Inner Range’s Insight Schematic graphical floor plan, which maps the entire facility. Insight Schematic displays the live status of all monitored areas, cameras, doors and events. When alarm events are detected, Insight Schematic launches the associated camera to the foreground displaying a virtually instant view of the map location and the event to security personnel.

The Inner Range Concept system has been an outstanding solution for the Auckland Museum. With its extensive integration of CCTV, Access Control and Intruder systems, it has consistently delivered high levels of security while providing flexibility and centralised management for the entire facility.

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