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Arion Bank



Arion Bank is of Icelandic origin and solely operates within their native country. With its head office in Reykjavik, the bank has around 100,000 customers and comprises 23 branches situated across Iceland. 

Arion Bank were using disparate access control and security systems which meant many tasks such as adding new staff to systems had to be duplicated; escalating management and administration time. Furthermore, the systems were old and out of date and lacked modern technologies, for example, user-friendly interfaces. 


The security team at Arion Bank wanted to implement one integrated security system which would provide the ability to manage security and access control across all 24 locations as well as its ATM machines. This security investment would eliminate duplication of tasks, saving administration time and minimising human error. The chosen system would need to be intuitive, scalable and enable the security team to take advantage of modern technologies.


Oryggismidstod Islands was selected as the main security contractor for the project and they introduced Inner Range Integriti to Arion Bank. Oryggismidstod Islands had already worked with Inner Range for more than 10 years installing many prestigious projects so fully understood the capabilities of their security solutions.
They presented Inner Range’s integrated access control and security system Integriti to the bank because it met all their requirements as well as providing additional benefits which could be utilised at a later stage.
The bank was particularly keen on Integriti because of its easy to use interface and the fact that their entire operation could be centrally managed. In addition, being able to integrate other 3rd party security systems such as CCTV allowed the bank to connect additional security solutions to further improve their security infrastructure.
The entire system was implemented across the bank in 6 months.




  • A user-friendly interface makes management and administration straightforward

  • Advanced reporting allowed the security team to improve internal security by being able to easily monitor the movement of staff and automatically highlight any irregular activities which may pose a threat to the bank and its security

  • CCTV has been integrated within Integriti enabling the security team to use the cameras to view any area where a reported alarm has been triggered, allowing a quicker response as well as safeguarding and altering the security to dangerous situations


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