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A university in the UK sought an access control and intruder system that was easy to use and proven to accommodate the diverse access and security requirements of a further education environment. 

The chosen system would also need to integrate with the universities existing building management technologies including fire alarms, sprinklers, Microsoft Active Directory and cashless vending.

Furthermore, due to national security continuing to be on high-alert, the university wanted to ensure that in the event of a terror attack or other serious event, their security system could increase protection for students and staff on campus by delivering superior remote monitoring capabilities and offering the ability to instantly lock down rooms, departments and buildings.


Integriti was chosen as the preferred security system because it ticked all the boxes with regards to access, security and integration. Offering a robust and scalable security system, Integriti also exceeded the universities integration requirements and ensured that none of the existing systems such as CCTV had to be replaced due to compatibility issues.


  • Intuitive security dashboard and mobile APP – interactive schematics simplify the administration of security and buildings management for the entire campus.  With the option of a mobile APP, the Integriti system can also be securely managed via authorised mobile devices on or off campus

  • Permission-based access – integration with Microsoft Active Directory enables the university to manage access control based on user identity, minimising the risk of unauthorised access and the theft of high-value or hazardous assets

  • One card fulfils all -  advanced integration capabilities delivers simplified management of student services such as access control, printing and cashless vending via one smart card

  • Added protection in the event of an extreme security incident - If a high-risk incident occurred on campus, the security team would be able to remotely lock down areas of the campus and have greater visibility and control of the situation

  • Compliant with necessary standards -  Integriti is compliant with BS EN 5013. PD6662:2004 and BS EN 50133 standards, providing scalability for future growth or additional security requirements

  • Futureproofed for expansion and higher ROI – university has the reassurance that Integriti can accommodate any future expansion plans because the system has the ability to manage security and building management for millions of users across multiple locations


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